Ghalb-e Bakhshandeh (MP3)

(The GivingHeart)

by M.J. Bryan (Author)

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Gratitude and generosity go hand in hand--the more we appreciate our lives, the more we want to give to others. In A Grateful Heart, M. J. Ryan provided tools for expressing thanks. In the best-selling Attitudes of Gratitude, she taught us the inner work of realizing the many blessings we take for granted. Now, in The Giving Heart, she presents her latest examination of the virtues we need to cultivate for the twenty-first century and takes a look at generosity: what creates it, what blocks it, and what the practice of generosity can bring to our lives.

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Additional Information

Category Audiobooks, Psychology,
Language Farsi
Format Audio
Publisher Edjdehay-e Talaii
Publication Date 2015
Edition First
ISBN 9789648001235


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Ghalb-e Bakhshandeh (MP3)

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