Darman-e Tabii ba Serkeh-e Seeb

(Natural Healing with Cider Vinegar)

by Margot Hellmiss (Author)

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A couple of generations ago, cider vinegar was the most common household remedy. Now it's making a comeback as scientific research has discovered the secrets of its healing powers. Here, over 50 different ailments get specific, step-by-step treatments. You'll see how cider vinegar relieves colds, headaches, fevers, and muscular aches, purifies the kidneys, heals cuts and bruises, and even slows the aging process.

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Additional Information

Category Nonfiction, Health, Mind & Body,
Language Farsi
Format Hardcover
Publisher Ghoghnoos
Publication Date 2001
Edition Second
ISBN 964-311-256-X


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Darman-e Tabii ba Serkeh-e Seeb

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