The Persian Wedding

by Bijan Moridani (Author)

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From ancient Persia to present day Iran, the celebration of the uniting of man and woman is described in this unique book. The visually captivating tradition is carefully presented as a work of art, with ten paintings by internationally renowned artist, Nasser Ovissi, as well as many pages of photos of the ceremonial wedding setting and its details and symbolism. This beautiful bilingual book is written in its entirety in English and Persian. The author, Bijan Moridani, has researched the available information of the past as well as Iran of today. He presents the antiquity and the persistence of the tradition despite a tumultuous history.

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Additional Information

Category Discovering Iran, Bilingual, History,
Format Hardcover
Pages 240
Publisher Inner Layers
Publication Date 2005
ISBN 977017508


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The Persian Wedding

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