Khod Amouz-e Falsafeh


by Mel Thompson (Author)

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An accessible introduction to the central questions in Western philosophy and how the major philosophers have explored them. What can we know for certain about the world or ourselves? Can we prove the existence of God? How is the mind related to the body? What does it mean to be moral or immoral? What is justice? How should society be organized? Questions such as these are central to how we think about the world and form the core of the discipline of philosophy. This text answers these essential questions and explores how philosophical movements have considered them. Organized by theme and topic rather than historically, key terms are explained, such as metaphysics and existentialism.

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Additional Information

Category Philosophy,
Language Farsi
Format Hardcover
Pages 310
Publisher Farhang-e Nashr-e No
Publication Date 2016
Edition Third
ISBN 2500110053418


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Khod Amouz-e Falsafeh

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