Iman va Eradeh(Dar Bab-e Tab Avardan Toofanha-ye Zendeghi)

(Faith and Will: Weathering the Storms in Our Spiritual Lives)

by Julia Cameron (Author)

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This inspiring book from the bestselling author of The Artist's Way explores one of the most vital questions that spiritual seekers encounter on the journey to enlightenment: Where do I turn when my soul is urging me to keep growing toward God but my mind and being, stubbornly, will not follow? The author of more than thirty groundbreaking books that deftly trace the intersection between art and faith, between creativity and spirit, Julia Cameron has earned millions of fans around the world. In this, her most personal book to date, she provides a heartbreakingly honest and insightful depiction of her struggle to reconnect to her faith and her realization that having faith, of necessity, means relinquishing will. A wise and passionate book, Faith and Will gently guides readers through the process of learning to let go and, in turn, learning to live.

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Additional Information

Category Psychology, Self-Improvement,
Language Farsi
Format Paperback
Pages 252
Publisher Peykan
Publication Date 2016
Edition First
ISBN 9789643288600


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Iman va Eradeh(Dar Bab-e Tab Avardan Toofanha-ye Zendeghi)

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