Lahzeh-haye Nab va Haghighi

(Real Moments)

by Barbara De Angelis (Author)

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Is true happiness achived by having a compatible marriage, the perfect job or owning the right house? Not necessarily, according to DeAngelis (How to Make Love All the Time). Happiness is a skill. That's why we need "real moments"-with our mates, our children and by ourselves-times in which we live fully in the present. A real moment could be enjoying sex or smelling grass after a rain. It could even occur during hard times, as when we receive comforting words from an unexpected source. DeAngelis also warns against defining ourselves by our jobs; even if we love our work, we can take a job too seriously and miss opportunities for real moments.

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Additional Information

Category Psychology, Self-Improvement,
Language Farsi
Format Paperback
Pages 479
Publisher Nasl-e Nowandish
Publication Date 2008
Edition Second
ISBN 964-412-057-4


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Lahzeh-haye Nab va Haghighi

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