Motaleati Dar Bab-e Histeri

(Studies on Hysteria)

by Sigmund Freud (Author), Joseph Breuer (Author)

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The cornerstone of psychoanalysis—and legacy of the landmark Freud/Breuer collaboration—featuring the classic case of Anna O. and the evolution of the cathartic method, in the definitive Strachey translation. Re-packaged for the contemporary audience with what promises to be an unconventional foreword by Irvin Yalom, the novelist and psychiatrist who imagined Breuer in When Nietzsche Wept.

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Additional Information

Category Psychology,
Language Farsi
Format Paperback
Pages 428
Publisher Pendar-e Taban
Publication Date 2015
Edition First
ISBN 978-600-6895-41-3


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Motaleati Dar Bab-e Histeri

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